Lucky McKee and The Woman producers make All Cheerleaders Die

MAY) and Chris Sivertson (I KNOW WHO KILLED ME) are set to remake their own 2000 video project ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE. The film will re-team McKee with Moderncine, the production company behind THE WOMAN.

ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE centers on Mäddy Killian, a 17 year old rebel at Blackfoot High School on a mission to take down the captain of the football team. She rallies a group of cheerleaders around her cause, but after a tragic turn of events the girls are thrust into a supernatural battle that culminates in a mayhem-filled night they will never forget.

Andrew van den Houten, Robert Tonino, Arrien Schiltkamp and Russell Dinstein are all on board as producers.

“ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE is leading us into the exciting world of popcorn fare, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have the creative freedom that a company like Modernciné provides for writer/directors. This is going to be a thrill-packed extravaganza with a hot young cast to die for,” said McKee and Sivertson.

“Working on my first collaboration with Mr. Sivertson and second feature with Mr. McKee is an honor and real opportunity to promote the artist driven approach I believe in. It’s what Modernciné is all about. Everything begins and ends with the directors’ vision and with that approach originality and timeless entertainment is born,” said Andrew van den Houten.

Extra Tidbit: Did you dig THE WOMAN?



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