Luke Goss is trapped Inside a hellish prison in Daryn Tufts' new horror-thriller

I know most of us will associate the title INSIDE with the superb 2007 French flick, and although Daryn Tufts' new horror/thriller of the same name will intrinsically have a hard time measuring up, we ought not dismiss it automatically. Besides, this sumbitch stars Luke Goss as an inmate fighting off a supernatural scourge in a prison. Nothing wrong with that, right?!?

Anyway, INSIDE is a new flick from Highland Film Group. The flick is currently in post-production, though we've yet to locate a trailer. Still, as an appetizer, we have a promo poster and synopsis for you to chow down on. Also starring Derek Phillips, Paul Rae, Adam Johnson, Isaac C. Singleton and Melinda Renne:

Miles Berret is ripped awake in his prison cell. Guards rush past Miles cell in the dark as he hears gunfire, screaming and then... the horrible, sickening screams of a man being torn apart. Something is loose in the prison, and it's killing everyone, one by one. Working with Anthony, the inmate who shares a common cell wall, Miles discovers that the thing outside the cell is connected to him - and it's coming. If he wants to survive the night, he must find a way out. But how...?

I like it. More horror flicks ought to take place in prisons. Problem is, it's hard to care about cons, so if they die in the movie, who really gives a shite? You need a compelling, perhaps wrongfully accused cat to go in there and cull a little sympathy.

How do you feel INSIDE?

Goss' DEATH RACE 2 & 3 co-star Tanit Phoenix

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