Lynne Ramsay is writing an environmental horror epic

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Director Lynne Ramsay has dealt with some very dark material in her films, telling stories about things like school shootings (WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN, pictured above) and a man who beats human traffickers with a hammer (YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE), and now she's delving into the horror genre for the first time.

Speaking with Damon Wise of the British Independent Film Awards, Ramsay mentioned, 

I wrote 160 pages of a script just after doing all the press for YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE, because it’s hard to keep talking about the same films. But I was really inspired by making this film, so I’ve started writing this epic environmental horror thing. [Laughs] I don’t know what it is yet, I just kept writing and didn’t look back. But I’m working on a few other projects as well. They’re all quite exciting, but they’re just in the writing process at the moment.

"Epic" is a fitting description for a script that has reached 160 pages and apparently still hasn't reached a conclusion. Going by the "minute a page" theory, what Ramsay is writing would clock in at 2 hours, 40 minutes and counting... But a page doesn't always equal a minute, depending how much dialogue or description is on it.

Regardless of what length the script ends up being, if this is a feature or a mini-series, it will be interesting to see what exactly sort of environmental horror story Ramsay is telling. So I'm hoping this horror project does end up being the next thing she moves forward with.

Source: BIFA



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