M. Night Shyamalan wants to make a sequel to Unbreakable

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As much as I disliked his last several directorial efforts, I will always have faith that M. Night Shyamalan can once again deliver a great film. His THE SIXTH SENSE was a fantastic film but I have always maintained that UNBREAKABLE is his best work to date. Although it has been almost 15 years since UNBREAKABLE hit theaters Shyamalan feels that the time is right to possibly revisit the characters of David Dunn (Bruce Willis) and his arch nemesis Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson) in a sequel, and I for one would love to see that happen.

Speaking with Collider, Shyamalan discussed the possibility of a sequel to his 2000 hit, stating...

I love those characters and I love that world.  Of course, the whole world makes comic book movies now.  At the time, it was completely novel.  I remember when I made it, Disney was literally like, “Comic books?!  There’s no market for comic books!”  That’s all they make now!  It was a hilarious conversation.  I remember it.  I was like, “Maybe you’re right.  Maybe nobody will come see comic book movies.”  They were like, “Those are people in little conventions who like comic books.”  And I was like, “But, I like comic books!”

He also adds that he would stick to the grounded-in-reality approach he used in the original film, something many comic book-based films have done in the wake of UNBREAKABLE.

...the beauty of the world of Unbreakable is that you’re playing it for reality.  It should never feel like a comic book movie.  It feels like a straight-up drama.  It’s real.  You’re confronting the possibility that comic book characters were based on people that were real.  That’s the premise, so the tone has to be super grounded.  It would be cool.

Originally UNBREAKABLE was set to be a trilogy of films, but so many years have passed since the film was originally released that we may never see the original plans come to fruition. Still, I think it would be great to see Shyamalan, Willis, and Jackson return for a sequel to UNBREAKABLE. I'd be interested in seeing where the characters are today and how David Dunn's powers have progressed. Here's hoping that Shyamalan can make it happen.

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Source: Collider



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