Machinima announces new RoboCop series, Clive Barker's Creepy Pasta

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Machinima, the Warner Bros.-backed digital media company, announced several sci-fi and game-inspired series Monday at its Digital Content NewFronts presentation, including two that immediately captured our attention: a new series based on Paul Verhoeven's 1987 classic ROBOCOP, and "Clive Barker's Creepy Pasta", based on the world of Internet horror fan fiction.

Variety shares some info on these new shows and we've got the details for ya below!


Based on the original MGM 1987 action film, RoboCop returns to Delta City, where viewers ride along with the now standard-issue RoboCop officers as they respond to calls from dispatch. Tapping into current themes of the surveillance state, the series is shot from the first-person point of view of the RoboCop officers’ heads-up display, along with security cameras, dash-cams and drones.


For the first time, horror legend Clive Barker is stepping away from the creatures of his own imagination and entering into the world of Internet horror fan fiction, affectionately known as Creepy Pasta. Starting with viral urban legends (e.g. Jeff the Killer, Slender Man and Ben Drowned), Clive Barker’s “Creepy Pasta” is an original series of live-action, blood-curdling short films. These new tales will be curated and adapted by Barker from submissions obtained through the creepypasta community, and produced by Machinima to scare you to your core.

This is very cool news indeed! I'm a fan of Creepy Pasta so having Clive Barker involved to bring these creepy tales to life will be a complete blast to watch!

Machinima also announced several other new shows, including three projects from the DC Comics universe (via DC Entertainment), and a new series from "Sleepy Hallow" producer Roberto Orci. Here's the lowdown on that one:


Created and produced by Roberto Orci and Legion of Creatives, and starring Orlando Jones, “High School 51” is as out of this world as the name implies.

Hidden away in the heart of Area 51, Dream Lake High School is filled with mind-blowing technology, top-secret government programs and a student body that is cool, quirky, attractive, and…well, alien. No one from the outside has ever been allowed into the school and no human has ever attended…until now.

For 16-year old Alex Valencia, the first and only human ever to attend Dream Lake, high school is going to be tough. Fitting in will be one thing but his biggest challenge just might be saving the human race!

We'll keep you posted on news regarding each of these series as we hear it!

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Source: Variety



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