Mad Max: Fury Road concept art promises an old school Max

Last week we reported an official press release and synopsis for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. Today, we’re getting some (admittedly explicit) concept art, costume shots, and even more badass vehicle pics. Be warned, there’s some illustrated nudity down there, qualifying them as NSFW in some (okay, most) circles.

Of special note is the first shot, which features a blood spattered Max behind-the-wheel and looking pissed. The picture seems to suggest that George Miller and company will be keeping the traditional black leather/white hair streak version of Max that was seen in the original trilogy. There doesn’t appear to be any extensive, Robocop reboot-style retooling at this juncture.

The other pics are equally drool-inducing. They don’t reveal a lot story wise but at least give a sense of the style and scope of the new wasteland Max Rockatansky will be battling his way through. Though most will likely get their rocks off on the storyboards and car pics, I find myself partial to the mutant stuff. Can’t help it, guys-- I love a good post-apocalyptic mutant and it seems FURY ROAD’s sub-humanoid cup runneth over.

The film’s plot sees "Mad Max… caught up with a group of people fleeing across the Wasteland in a War Rig driven by the Imperator Furiosa.” Tom Hardy will be taking over the iconic role from original star Mel Gibson with Charlize Theron co-starring. Check out the pictures below and get excited for the further exploits of the Road Warrior.

Extra Tidbit: With the topless ladies and violence revealed here, do you think we can safely assume the film will be a hard R?



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