Maggie Q takes on the Night Hag in the Slumber trailer

Slumber Jonathan Hopkins Maggie Q

Released back in May, director Phillip Guzman's horror film DEAD AWAKE was about characters trying to escape from the hag that legend says will kill a person while they're experiencing sleep paralysis. That film was a bit underwhelming, earning a 6/10 review from Jake Dee.

Before the end of the year, the hag will be getting another chance to impress. Director Jonathan Hopkins' film SLUMBER has no connection to DEAD AWAKE, but it does delve into the legend of the sleep paralysis hag.

SLUMBER stars Maggie Q as 

Alice, a rationally minded sleep doctor, who is forced to abandon scientific reason when she meets a family being terrorised by a parasitic demon known as the ‘Night Hag’ which paralyses victims as they sleep.

The screenplay was written by Hopkins and Richard Hobley. Q's co-stars include Kristen Bush and Sam Troughton. 

Vertical Entertainment will be releasing SLUMBER on December 1st, and the marketing has begun with the release of a trailer, which can be seen below.

This movie looks like pretty standard stuff, but here's hoping that it will be at least a little better than DEAD AWAKE was.

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