Maisie Williams to star in '90s-set thriller The Owners

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Maisie Williams is best known for playing the role of Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, but even though I have never watched an episode of that show I have become a fan of hers through appearances here and there, as well as the "They dead, like so dead, like OMG dead" reaction video she posted online after a certain episode of Game of Thrones aired... Which I suppose contains spoilers I shouldn't know before I ever even attempt to watch the series, but I don't mind. Game of Thrones spoilers are tough to avoid.

I'm still looking forward to seeing Williams in THE NEW MUTANTS, that long-delayed "horror movie set in the X-MEN universe". But while we wait for whenever that's going to show up, I'm glad to hear that she is taking the lead in director Julis Berg's THE OWNERS, which is said to be an "intense thriller" that's set in rural England during the early 1990s.

Scripted by Berg and Matthieu Gompel and based on a comic book by artist Herrmann and writer Yves H., THE OWNERS will tell the following story: 

Childhood friends Nathan and Terry, broke and on the scrap heap at 20, are spurred on by an out-of-town sociopath named Gaz to rob Huggins, the elderly local doctor and his wife. Nathan’s girlfriend Mary (Williams) is dead against the plan but the lads are set – the doctor’s house is isolated, there’s a safe full of cash, no none will be home – it’s their way out of the world they’ve been born into. But the Huggins family returns early and is quickly subdued. The intruders are disguised but Dr. Huggins guesses the identity of his captors and reasons with them: stop now, before this goes too far… But it’s too late for that. Desperation leads to violence, the tables are turned and a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues, leaving Mary fighting to save herself from a nightmare she could never have imagined.  

I hadn't heard of the comic book source material before and can't find much information on it even now, but that story sounds quite interesting to me.

Bluelight's Alain de la Mata is producing the film. XYZ Films are executive producing and will be handling North American sales. Versatile is handling international sales at the European Film Market.

THE OWNERS will begin filming this spring at an isolated Victorian mansion in Kent. 



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