Mama 2 is on its way, from the directors of Starry Eyes

All has been quiet on the MAMA front since the Andy Muschietti horror flick's release in 2013, but surprising news is rolling in today. A sequel is definitely in the works, produced by Scott Bernstein, Russell Ackerman, and the awesomely named Lava Bear. STARRY EYES writer-directors Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch are in final negotiations to helm the film. 

No news on their previously-announced feature EXORCISM DIARIES, but this one seems a much better fit anyway. MAMA was an atmospheric horror picture that didn't tap into its full potential, so bringing on some of horror's reigning new blood might just tip it over the top.

There is no news on casting yet, though Jessica Chastain has expressed interest in pursuing the sequel, saying "Yeah, Annabelle was fun! I'd like to see what she's like a few years after that. I think her hairstyle probably would change, but it would still be black!" More on this story as it breaks!

Widmyer and Kolsch
Extra Tidbit: Did you like MAMA enough to seek out the sequel?



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