Maniac Cop 2 getting limited theatrical release beginning tomorrow!

Last month we brought you the details on Blue Underground's upcoming Blu-ray releases of William Lustig's MANIAC COP 2 and MANIAC COP 3 and if that bit of news wasn't cool enough for ya, we have some info today that should get you stoked about revisting these films.

You read the headline. You clicked to read more. That can only mean you're excited to hear the news that MANIAC COP 2 is coming to the big screen, set to screen in over a dozen cities across the US with director William Lustig in attendance at a number of locations. And now you wanna know if it'll be playing in your neck of the woods, right? Of course you do! Read on for the deets:

From The Press Release

Blue Underground is bringing a 2013 DCP Restoration of director William Lustig’s MANIAC COP 2 to theaters this fall in advance of its upcoming Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack release.

Featuring a brand-new 4K High Definition transfer from the original camera negative and new Dolby Digital 5.1 mix, this MANIAC COP 2 DCP is the definitive presentation of the action-packed cult-horror favorite. Bill will attend MANIAC COP 2 screenings in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, and San Francisco to introduce what critics have hailed as “Truly The Greatest ‘80s Horror-Action Movie Ever Made!” (Alamo Drafthouse).

The limited theatrical release kicks off with a sneak preview this Saturday, October 19th, at Chicago’s Music Box Theatre during the Music Box of Horrors marathon. There will be a Q&A with Bill following the screening, and afterwards he’ll be signing the new MANIAC COP 2 posters for attendees.

“Although MANIAC COP 2, like the first movie, played theatrically upon its initial release in every corner of the world (the Pakistani poster is a hoot!), in the States it went straight to home video and HBO. While I understood the business decision, it was still a crushing blow for what I considered to be my best film – and still do. So this long overdue theatrical release is very personal for me. I’m thrilled to finally share this film with audiences around the country the way it is meant to be seen!”Bill Lustig

In MANIAC COP 2, Officer Matt Cordell is back from the dead and stalking the streets of New York once more. Cordell was once a hero, but after being framed by corrupt superiors and brutally assaulted in prison, he sets out on a macabre mission of vengeance, teaming up with a vicious serial killer to track down those that wronged him and make them pay… with their lives!

Scripted by Larry Cohen (IT’S ALIVE), MANIAC COP 2 boasts an amazing cast including Robert Davi (LICENSE TO KILL), Claudia Christian (THE HIDDEN), Michael Lerner (BARTON FINK), Laurene Landon (HUNDRA), Leo Rossi (HALLOWEEN II), Robert Z’Dar (TANGO & CASH), Charles Napier (THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS), and Bruce Campbell (THE EVIL DEAD).

So you wanna know if MANIAC COP 2 will be screening near you? CLICK HERE for a list of dates and locations and be sure to get out and support this film on its limited theatrical re-release.

Blue Underground’s MANIAC COP 2 Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack arrives on November 19, 2013. You can pre-order it HERE, and while you're at it grab MANIAC COP 3 on Blu right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of the MANIAC COP series? I know I am!



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