Marcus Nispel's Exeter possesses new stills


I’ve never thought a movie looked so good and so bad at the same time as I do with Marcus Nispel’s latest possession thriller EXETER. We have a handful of new stills that shine a light on some truly unsettling imagery and kickass practical effects, yet if you watch the trailer, the movie looks utterly ridiculous in the worst kind of way. It’s a total toss-up, really. Interestingly enough, the film will release in the UK on May 4th, only it will be under the title of THE ASYLUM; they really don't know what to call this movie do they? In the States, however, we'll be able to catch this one on July 2nd, and who knows what they'll be calling it by then.

Directed by Nispel, EXETER was written by Kirsten McCallion and executive produced by Jason Blum and Steven Schneider. It’s about:

After an all-night party at an abandoned asylum known for its horrific treatment of its patients, a group of ordinary teens decide to tinker with the occult, leading to a possession, a paranormal mystery and into a bloody nightmare that no one could predict.

Gage Golightly, Brittany Curran, Stephen Lang, Kelly Blatz, Brett Dier, Nick Nicotera, Nick Nordella, and Michael Ormsby star.

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Extra Tidbit: Are you going to give this one a shot?



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