Mark of the Devil helmer comes out of retirement to enter the Orphanage

Let's just preface this with a note: This is not a remake of J.A. Bayona's THE ORPHANAGE, but a different ORPHANAGE altogether.

Cult horror movie legend Michael Armstrong has been lured out of retirement by Paper Dragon Productions to direct his first major feature film for over forty years. Following his 1970 genre classic, MARK OF THE DEVIL (pictured above), Armstrong is now set to direct his much anticipated screenplay ORPHANAGE.

Described as a sociological suspense shocker, a complete veil of secrecy has now been thrown around the project as it heads into immediate development. Here's what Armstrong had to say on the matter:

“I agreed to be exhumed from retirement because I felt I could trust Paper Dragon Productions to offer me the creative freedom I need to realise a story I’ve wanted to bring to the screen for more than 30 years. I very much look forward to working with them.”

Written and directed by Michael Armstrong (who also helmed the 1969 horror flick HORROR HOUSE), ORPHANAGE will be produced by Paul Horsfield and Jonathan Jones, with Neil Jackson and Kevin James executive producing for Paper Dragon Productions.

Extra Tidbit: While this is his first solo directorial effort in a long time, Armstrong did co-direct and write the goofy 1986 anthology SCREAMTIME.



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