Marlon Wayans has a Devil Inside this new A Haunted House poster

It's a sad sign of the times for horror when THE DEVIL INSIDE is a pop cultural touchstone being spoofed by the Wayans. That film is probably the worst reviewed movie of 2012, but because it made a little cashola its opening weekend Marlon Wayans is spoofing it in A HAUNTED HOUSE.

Keep in mind, the film is mostly focused on skewering the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise, but I suppose having Marlon dressed as a possessed nun doesn't hurt matters much. When compared to SCARY MOVIE 5, A HAUNTED HOUSE is looking like goddamned YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, so I'm going to give the film a pass. A HAUNTED HOUSE will probably be fun and, if nothing else, a major step up from WHITE CHICKS and DANCE FLICK. Blegh.

A HAUNTED HOUSE hits theaters January 11th of next year. It stars David Koechner, Nick Swardson, Alanna Ubach, Davie Sheridan, Liana Mendoza, Cedric The Entertainer and, of course, Marlon Wayans. Check out the poster below along with a gratuitous photo of co-star Mendoza giving herself a spontaneous breast exam.

Extra Tidbit: Fun fact-- Marlon Wayans was originally signed to play Robin (Dick Grayson) in BATMAN RETURNS before the character was written out of the flick. Wish I could've seen that...
Source: Dread Central



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