Martin Campbell takes alien film Umbra from Joe Carnahan, Paul Haggis rewriting

So way back in August of 2011, J to the P made mention of Joe Carnahan and his A-TEAM star Bradley Cooper reteaming for an alien flick called UMBRA. Well, a lot has changed in the last five months, as it now seems Carnahan is out, and Martin Campbell and Paul Haggis are in!

Deadline has the scoop, claiming production is on a fast pace to start filming this spring. Martin Campbell (above) has a lot to prove after the GREEN LANTERN debacle, especially after proving so capable with CASINO ROYALE in 2006. Carnahan, who left UMBRA on good terms, has THE GREY due out later this month.

With Paul Haggis (CRASH, THE LAST TWO DAYS) doing script rewrites:

UMBRA follows an investment banker who finds himself mixed up in a major government conspiracy - one that's life changing. His world unravels when he is accidentally delivered an audio cassette which reveals the government's complicity in an alien plot to breed with human chromosomes.

Steven Karczynski wrote an original draft of the script, which was subsequently retooled by Carnahan. Since Carnahan is out, it makes sense for Haggis to come in and lend a new voice. Only thing is you risk the original intent when that happens. We shall see how this one pans out.

More on UMBRA soon I'm sure.

CASINO ROYALE hottie Eva Green

Extra Tidbit: You think this is the right project to bounce back from GREEN LANTERN? Is Bradley Cooper really the panacea?
Source: Deadline



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