Martyrs remake directors, Final Destination writer team up on Superstition

Goetz Brothers Superstition Jeffrey Reddick

The genre has been experiencing some brotherly love lately. A lot of leading projects are being helmed by sibling pairs, including the Spierig Brothers' upcoming SAW sequel, and of course the Duffer Brothers' massive Netflix hit Stranger Things

The next fraternal project to arise will be SUPERSTITION, a teen thriller from the Goetz Brothers, the directing team behind the American remake of MARTYRS. They will be working from a script by Jeffrey Reddick, who wrote FINAL DESTINATION as well as the DAY OF THE DEAD remake.

Here's the synopsis:

The film takes place on a college campus, skewing the film younger just as Reddick’s Final Destination films did. When two unrelated deaths happen on campus, a betting pool is set up to figure out who will die next, because deaths always come in threes (similar to that celebrity death myth). However, when a student wins the pool, murderous consequences emerge.

The film will come out of Lionsgate, with Reddick, Arthur Wylie, Carol Ann Shine, Dale Godboldo, and Stephanie Denton producing.

Extra Tidbit: Did you catch the MARTYRS remake?



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