Mary Elizabeth Winstead teaming with Last Exorcism director for The Darkness

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is set to star in a new horror flick called THE DARKNESS. Well, I'm sold. How about you guys?

Alright, maybe you're not as easy as I am but when it comes to Mary Elizabeth Winstead... You get the idea, right? Basically the woman can make a flick about watching paint dry and I'd be there opening day. Yeah, it's bad.

But thankfully THE DARKNESS sounds like it might actually be pretty good! Coming from THE LAST EXORCISM director Daniel Stamm, THE DARKNESS is described as a psychological thriller with a script from Megan Holley. Check out the rundown for this one:

Project will topline Mary Elizabeth Winstead ("Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter") as an American student looking after her tutor's two children in a remote English manor house. She soon comes to believe that she and the children are being haunted when their lives are threatened by mysterious events.

Nice! A creepy ghost flick with Mary Elizabeth Winstead?? If I wasn't sold already... I would be now! Occupant Entertainment's Joe Neurauter and Felipe Marino and Management 360's Ben Forkner are set to produce with genre banner XYZ Films executive producing.

According to Variety THE DARKNESS is set to start filming this Summer in Europe. HanWay Films are bringing this shite to Berlinale this week so we should expect more news on this one soon.

Extra Tidbit: Who is your favorite Scream Queen of all time? While Katrina Bowden and Ms. Winstead (pictured) offer up a valid battle, I think I'm still sticking with Danielle Harris personally.
Source: Variety



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