Matt Passmore to take over the lead in Kevin Williamson's paranormal series

People might be buzzing about the new season of Game of Thrones, but the real Game of Thrones is going on behind the scenes of Kevin Williamson's upcoming untitled paranormal series. Longmire's Bailey Chase was set to play the male lead, but following last week's table read, he has been replaced by one Matt Passmore of The Glades. Clearly it wasn't a looks issue, because the men are equally white and square-jawed.

The Australian actor will be joining female lead Megan West and Jessica Szhor. Don't worry about Chase, because you'll be seeing him again soon in Showtime's Twin Peaks reboot

Passmore will be playing:

Clark Patterson, a once-successful parapsychologist who is now just an attraction at local ghost conventions. But when he meets a mysterious young woman, everything begins to change.

The pilot is being directed by David Nutter and executive produced by Williamson and Nutter. The CW will then decide whether or not to pick up the series.

Bailey Chase
Extra Tidbit: Do you prefer Matt Passmore or Bailey Chase?
Source: Deadline



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