Matt Reeves is not entering The Twilight Zone

We reported to you earlier today that CLOVERFIELD and LET ME IN director Matt Reeves now tops the short-list of candidates to direct THE DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. So it comes as a bit of a surprise now that Reeves is appearing in the news yet again, this time exiting Warner Bros. proposed TWILIGHT ZONE movie.

Reeves apparently departed due to scheduling conflicts, which could be related to a recent contract signed with 20th Century Fox television. No official explanations have been released from either camp. Whether or not Reeves will be departing other developing projects, such as his film adaptations of THE PASSAGE and THIS DARK ENDEAVOR, remains to be seen.

Reeves beat out an impressive short-list of directors for the TWILIGHT ZONE spot, including Michael Bay and Christopher Nolan. A script polish had been undertaken by Tony Peckham on Jason Rothenberg’s initial script adaptation of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Said concept steered away from the episodic nature of the television show and previous movie in favor of a single story that combined familiar tropes from the franchise.

While the project has an interesting hook, I’m in the camp that firmly believes a TWILIGHT ZONE movie is largely unnecessary. Why remake a television series that holds up so well to begin with? THE TWILIGHT ZONE is timeless, scary, and still relevant. What do you guys think-- is the departure of Reeves a good thing? Do we need a TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE 2.0? Talk back below, my schmoes…

Extra Tidbit: Anne Francis (above) was featured on THE TWILIGHT ZONE episodes "The After Hours" and "Jesse-Belle."
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