Max Charles replaces Ben Hyland in FX's The Strain series

There’s a small but significant change in the cast heading into the second season of FX’s vampire series “The Strain” as Deadline reports that the show will be recasting the role of Dr. Ephraim Goodweather’s (Corey Stoll) son. Max Charles, just seen in AMERICAN SNIPER opposite Bradley Cooper, has been cast in the part as a regular. He replaces Ben Hyland, who played Zach Goodweather in Season 1.

“It is a pleasure to welcome Max Charles to the cast,” The Strain executive producer/showrunner Carlton Cuse said in a statement. “We recast this part due to some specific story needs we have downstream. We are sad to see Ben go. He is a very talented actor and a wonderful person. We will all miss him and thank him for his great work.”

According to the site, the second season of “The Strain” features a deeply emotional storyline involving Zach’s character, and the producers looked for a young actor with a range that can accommodate that. It sounds like Zach's character has some heavy lifting to do, so hopefully Charles is up to the task!

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Source: Deadline



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