MBV sequel?

Good old JimmyO has been grilling the MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D cast and crew now of late (read his interview with the writers here) and he got these nuggets of info from some of them in regards to a potential MY BLOODY VALENTINE sequel. Here's what everybody had to say about it:

Patrick Lussier: We know what he would do if we were to do that. I still have a few twists and turns, even though you know how it ends.

Jensen Ackles: Well, you know, obviously if we got the cast back, if everything… if all the pieces fell in line and we got Patrick back, we got the cast back, budget was good… well, yeah. Obviously there are a lot of factors into making a sequel, you don't want to half ass it. I hate when you come back for a sequel of something that you love and it's just a watered down, diluted bullshit version of what you wanted. And I wouldn't want to be a part of that.

Todd Farmer and Zane Smith:

TF: There have probably been some ideas kicking around. You know… the problem is, it would be… if it were to happen, it would have to happen quickly because there is a TV schedule Jensen has. Jaime has… Kerr very possibly could end up with a TV show so there's that to consider. And you don't want to half ass it. But I don't know, I don't know what will happen.

ZS: Obviously it's going to depend on what happens after the sixteenth.

There you have it, stay tuned for more MBV goodies on AITH!

If there's a sequel Miss King HAS TO come back! For two obvious reasons...

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