McCray is Gonna Get You, by Mike Catalano, drops next week!

Here's a special plug for a special man: Mike Catalano, who toiled away as an Arrow in the Head news editor and DVD reviewer for several years and is now our resident FACE OFF columnist. He has a new book about to drop titled MCCRAY IS GONNA GET YOU, about a vengeful urban legend that haunts a small town. Catalano isn't new to the game; he's penned books like DROPPING FEAR and MY LITTLE SISTER'S A ZOMBIE, but this one is being billed as a serious slasher, so take notice!

Here's the plot:

In the town of Morris Grove, 8th grader Vernon McCray is a much feared bully. He's big, strong, and mean. It's his job to make the meek miserable... until one day after school when one of his evil acts leads to a great tragedy.

After learning of the heavy punishment that is going to be levied upon him, McCray escapes from his hospital room... and is never heard from again.

Six years later, McCray's story has turned into an urban legend throughout the town. A group of six high school Honor’s Society friends get wind of a possible "McCray sighting" up on the deserted (and supposedly haunted) Dowling Road. Under the impression that Morris Grove has nothing stimulating or thrilling to offer their minds, the friends decide to spend an evening up on Dowling Road.

On that night, a horrific attack occurs which leads the people of Morris Grove to believe that McCray may actually be back. Pretty soon, bodies begin piling up as the town quickly realizes that its old bully may have finally returned with a taste for bloody vengeance.

If you like what you're reading, then head over HERE to pre-order MCCRAY IS GONNA GET YOU by Mike Catalano!



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