McG to produce SyFy found-footage disaster flick Day 38, Richard Farmer directing?

It was just last week we told you of SyFy's lofty attempt to chronicle DAY 38, a supernatural found-footage disaster flick. Well folks, it looks like movement on the storm-front is starting to swirl...

Per a Variety article, SyFy is hard at work developing DAY 38, even going so far as to offer McG (TERMINATOR: SALVATION, THIS MEANS WAR, seen right) the chance to produce with partner Mary Viola. Not only that, they've put out an offer to commercials director Richard Farmer to helm the found-footage thriller.

As a reminder, DAY 38 is told from the point of view of a group of stormchasers who face a Category 5 tornado and find themselves fighting off a force even greater than Mother Nature.

DAY 38, written by Chris Rossi and Gabe Scott, was developed at McG's Wonderland Sound and Vision, so it makes sense he get first crack at producing. Farmer is an interesting choice however, having only directed high-profile adverts for such companies as Nintendo, Sims and Activision. We shall see how the decision pans out.

Expect acting names to drop for DAY 38 soon enough...

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Source: Variety



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