Meander clip, trailer trap Gaia Weiss in a pipe with strange creatures

You may have already seen writer/director Mathieu Turi's sci-fi thriller Meander, as the movie is available on VOD and can be rented or purchased on Amazon Prime Video at THIS LINK. But just in case you haven't gotten to Meander yet, today we're sharing a clip from the movie that you can check out in the embed above. The clip is followed by the film's trailer.

Starring Gaia Weiss of Vikings and The Legend of Hercules (the one that had Kellan Lutz as Hercules), Meander follows 

a woman who wakes up in a labyrinth of strange tubes full of deadly traps. Her only option is to keep moving forward, but it is not clear how far she can get.

As the clip and trailer give away, there are more than just deadly traps in this maze of tubes. There are also some strange creatures that are a danger to the woman.

Here's an alternative synopsis that wants the reader to imagine themselves in the woman's place: 

You wake up. You wear a futuristic suit. You are stuck in an endless metal maze. Every eight minutes, you need to move forward or die. The only reason to know why is to survive every death trap on your way.

Weiss is joined in the cast by Peter Franzen (who also played a role on Vikings) as "a man with mysterious intentions".

Meander was produced by Fulltime Studio's Eric Gendarme, Thomas Lubeau, Marc Olla and Jordan Sarralie, with Cinefrance Studios' Sandra Karim, Julien Deris, and David Gauquie. WTFilms co-produced, and the company's Gregory Chambet acknowledged that Meander's "contained concept" is reminiscent of the 1997 film Cube, which "to this day has rarely been equaled". Cube didn't have monsters in it, though.

Meander was released in the United States earlier this month by Gravitas Ventures.


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