Meet the slick assassin that is Killer Joe in this new clip

Really not sure why we hadn't covered KILLER JOE up until now, but seeing how it's made by the guy who gave us THE EXORICIST, and given the fact E.Dubb reviewed the film (up later this week), we're bringing you a new clip courtesy of The Playlist. In it you'll meet the slick title character played by Matt McConaughey. Alright, alright, alright!

Directed by William Friedkin:

Based on the play by Tracy Letts, the film follows a hapless young man (Emile Hirsch), already up to his neck in trouble, who hires a cop by day, hitman by night (an excellent Matthew McConaughey) to kill his monther for the insurance money. Unable to pay the fee upfront, he puts his sister (Juno Temple) down as collateral, and so begins a twisted tale that gets even more out there with each turn of the plot. We've got an exclusive clip from the film, in which Hirsch's character -- who you can tell from the brusies is already dealing with some serious business -- tries to cancel the transaction with the very calm, cool and collected Killer Joe.

Meet KILLER JOE in select theaters this Friday.

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Source: The Playlist



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