Meet two more characters from MTV's Scream series

MTV's marketing department is working overtime to get everyone hyped for the fact that SCREAM: THE TV SERIES will soon be premiering on the once music-centric network. In addition to putting the first 8 minutes of the pilot online and creating an interactive game, they've also been releasing TV spots that focus on the show's characters

So far we've met The Innocent, The Fool, The Loners, and The Jocks. As we enter the last weekend before SCREAM hits the airwaves on the night of Tuesday, June 30th, MTV would like you to meet Carlson Young as Brooke the Sex Object and the nerdy Scholars: Amelia Rose Blaire as Piper and John Karna as Noah.

Noah is the only character in this bunch who's pulling double duty, as he was also the one labelled The Fool.

I wasn't sure about SCREAM: THE TV SERIES at first, but I have to admit, this marketing has worked its magic on me. I'm all in now, ready to check out the first episode.

Extra Tidbit: Has the marketing worked for you?
Source: YouTube



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