Megan Ellison gets her brother David to help create Terminator reboot, rights closed

As far as actual production progress, little has changed, but if you care, TERMINATOR rights holder Megan Ellison has just recruited her brother David Ellison to be the financial and creative partner on the high-profile reboot. Not only that, Megan just completed a dizzying rights deal with Pacificorp.

The siblings are the offspring of Larry Ellison, the billionaire founder of Oracle. And they certainly have good taste. Megan's Annapurna Pictures is a prestige outfit, producing such works as THE MASTER, ZERO DARK THIRTY, LAWLESS, KILLING THEM SOFTLY, and many others. By contrast, David's Skydance Pictures has gone the tentpole route, credited with MI4, WWZ, GI: JOE 2, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, etc. The two have worked together once before in the world of cinema, and hey, it was only the multi-nominated Coen flick TRUE GRIT. In my eyes, this gives us supreme hope for a kick ass new TERMINATOR film.

Speaking of, we last heard Arnie will be back (sorry, had to). But without a script, no star, director or supporting cast seems attached at this point. Hell, a studio isn't even onboard.

All this to say, hopefully the pace will pick up after this closed rights deal. And with TRUE GRIT the only collaborative template between Megan and David Ellison, we can expect mighty good things if and when this shite finally gets made.

Extra Tidbit: My opportunity to post a Moon Bloodgood pic (above)!!!
Source: Deadline



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