Melissa Leo and Bella Thorne will Leave Not One Alive

Melissa Leo

Bella Thorne first gained popularity while starring in the Disney show Shake It Up, but now she seems to one of the actors we talk about most frequently here on Arrow in the Head, because she's always signing on for a new horror or thriller project. The latest one to catch our attention is writer/director Jordan Galland's revenge thriller LEAVE NOT ONE ALIVE, which Thorne stars in with Melissa Leo (pictured above).

Currently filming in New York, the thriller also stars Jake Weary, Michael Potts, Benedict Samuel, Kevin Corrigan, and Adrian Martinez.

The basic idea - a mother seeks revenge after her child dies - is very familiar, but it sounds like Galland is taking a unique approach to it. The story of LEAVE NOT ONE ALONE follows 

theater actress Lillian Cooper (Leo), whose son (Weary) dies mysteriously. When the investigating officer (Potts) rules the cause of death an accidental overdose, Lillian conducts her own investigation which leads her to an unlikely alliance with her son’s former drug dealer (Thorne). On her quest for answers, Lillian hallucinates some of the iconic characters she’s played on stage which serve as her inner voice, urging her to avenge her son’s death.

I don't think I've seen any other revenge movies where the lead hallucinates themselves as stage characters.

LEAVE NOT ONE ALIVE is being produced by Jen Gatien, Peter Wong, and Timur Bekbosunov, with Ace Pictures Entertainment's Johnny Chang and Emma Lee executive producing.

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