"Memphis Beat" creators sell New Orleans set supernatural series "The Big Easy" to CBS

From Memphis to New Orleans...here's one marriage keeping things funky in the south!

CBS has just bought a new supernatural mystery from "Memphis Beat" creators Liz Garcia and Josh Harto. The new bayou-set series is called "The Big Easy," naturally, with Garcia and Harto set to both write and produce. Apparently the married couple's time spent in New Orleans doing their TNT show (doubling for Memphis) gave them the inspiration for this newly developed project.

Speaking of:

"The Big Easy" is a supernatural mystery series set in New Orleans and centered on the complex life and cases of Jack Lyons, a hard-living trumpet player and paranormal investigator with a dark personal tie to his work.

Can't tell you how much I like the setup, but the network? New Orleans is inherently spooky and is always interesting to see as New Orleans on screen (instead of doubling for another city). That said, if the show landed at HBO or Showtime, hell even FX or AMC, I'd be way more excited. At CBS though, dark can you really get? It won't, because it'll either lose viewers or advertisers, so once again, a cool sounding show may be crippled by network dilution. Sad really.

What says you?

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Source: Deadline



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