Men In Black 3 scores a sweet new still of Agent Will Smith

I am simply tingling over this brand spanking new still from MEN IN BLACK 3, and the reason why? Well take a good look at it, yes that is Will Smith there, but who is that behind him? Why it’s Josh Brolin of course! One of the reasons I am excited to check this one out, although who knows what the heck they are actually on. You can click to enlarge the picture and get a better look.

Reactions seem to be pretty mixed on this sequel, coming 10 years after the last film (which wasn’t that great), but I feel this does have more of the vibe of the original film. If it knows what’s good for it, it’ll be harnessing the comedy, action, sci-fi and darker elements altogether to pull off a fun film (fingers crossed anyway).

Agent J (Smith) travels in time to MIB's early years in the 1960s, to stop an alien from assassinating his friend Agent K (Jones) and changing history. Josh Brolin, through a time-travel twist, plays a young Agent K from 1969 who encounters countercultural figures such as Andy Warhol and Yoko Ono.

Will Smith and Josh Brolin star alongside Tommy Lee Jones, Alice Eve (below), Emma Thompson, Betty White, Jemaine Clement, Rip Torn, Michael Stuhlbarg, Bill Hader and Nicole Scherzinger. The film will hit our screens this May 25th!

Extra Tidbit: I am still so happy they cast Josh Brolin as a young Tommy Lee Jones!
Source: AITH



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