Mexican production company Canana preps genre franchise with Child's Play

Well folks it looks like we're getting a brand new horror franchise from our neighbors to the south. According to Variety the Mexican production-distribution company Canana is gearing up to bring us a new genre franchise with Russian director Makinov at the helm.

Now I'll get into Mr. Makinov in a second but first let's get some details on the first flick in the new genre franchise. Titled CHILD'S PLAY, this first project will focus on a married couple terrorized by some possessed kids. Sounds like fun! Peep the rundown:

A husband and his pregnant wife travel to Mexico for some quiet, only to be attacked by maniacal children.

Ebon Moss and Vinessa Shaw (below) will star as the married couple with Daniel Gimenez Cacho also signed on. The flick is currently in post-production so hopefully more goods for this one spill our way soon. For now you can check out a low-res teaser poster above.

It seems the rest of the films in the franchise Canana and Makinov are prepping include an actioner and a thriller. The Russian director is described by Canana as a Russian-American who has lived in Mexico. On set, he wears a mask and a heavy worker jacket called a Makinov. Here's his reasoning behind that:

"Through anonymity I can do anything, tackle any genre and not be afraid to fail."

Whatever floats your boat man. Fox Intl. Prods. will be handling worldwide sales on CHILD'S PLAY at this year's European Film Market with Televisa gearing up to release the flick in Mexico via it's distribution arm Videocine.

So there you have it folks! A lot of mumbo-jumbo coming from Mexico but there could definitely be some potential in there somewhere. We'll keep our eyes open for more on this new franchise and as soon as any news floats our way we'll be sure to pass that right along to all of you.

Extra Tidbit: Who has the lamer name: Makinov or McG?
Source: Variety



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