Mezco's Puzzle Blox feature IT, Jason, Hellraiser, and Lament Configuration

If you love a good brain teaser then you'll want to head on over to Mezco Toys where the company has just unveiled their new line of puzzle blocks, cleverly called Puzzle Blox. These 3D combination puzzle games are chock-full of colorful images featuring some of pop culture’s most famous and infamous characters, including Pennywise, Jason Voorhees, Hellraiser, and (obviously) the Lament Configuration.

Officially, the newest four offerings of Puzzle Blox features: 

The Pennywise Puzzle Blox features Pennywise, the Dancing Clown from IT (2017) - the red balloon-toting, demonic clown that terrorizes the children of Derry.

The Friday The 13th (2009) Puzzle Blox features Jason Voorhees - the machete loving, hockey mask-wearing, killing machine from Camp Crystal Lake.

The Hellraiser Puzzle Blox features Hellraiser - the High Priest of Hell and leader of the Cenobites.

The Hellraiser III Puzzle Blox features the Lament Configuration - the key to the gates of Hell itself and the summoner of the Cenobites.

You can buy the four boxes separately for $13 a piece, or you can snag all four at once for $52. The "Blox" are currently only a pre-order item, but they are expected to ship in September - November this year. You can check out pics of the currently available newest four offerings below.

I'd be down for keeping these on my desk and just telling people I had put them back together, without ever actually doing so. I'm not a big fan of these types of puzzles - especially that Lament Configuration one. That's gonna be a bitch to put back together. But if you're into these, have at them as they look like a blast!

Extra Tidbit: Will you be snagging all four?
Source: Mezco Toyz



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