Michael Berryman and Edward Furlong play a dangerous game in the trailer for Below Zero

I don't know about you, but when I hear of a new movie starring Michael Berryman, I'm already half sold on it. In Thomas Ostensen's BELOW ZERO, Berryman will play the villainous bogeyman making Edward Furlong's life miserable. What's not to like? The movie has been doing festival rounds for some time now and now it's finally heading to DVD on August 28th. Check out the latest trailer below.

BELOW ZERO focuses on a screenwriter who locks himself in a slaughterhouse freezer in the face of looming deadline. Left with nothing but his own demons to distract him, he writes the story of a tow truck driver who finds himself accidentally locked in a slaughterhouse freezer with the barely alive victim of a serial killer. Naturally, reality and fiction eventually merge.

Apart from Berryman and Furlong, the flick also stars Kristin Booth, Michael Eisner, Sadie Madu and Dee Hanna. You can check out the cover art below and preorder the DVD right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite movie starring Berryman?



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