Michael Biehn and Xavier Gens team up for a grindhouse triple treat!

Well color me surprised, it seems that actor Michael Biehn (ALIENS, TERMINATOR) and director Xavier Gens (FRONTIER(S), HITMAN) have just formed a genre tag-team! Apparently, both Biehn and Gens enjoyed working with each other on THE DIVIDE so much, that they decided to continue their creative relationship for three all-new grindhouse movies! Each film is supposed to be "dark, provocative and feature characters that are larger than life".

First of the three films, THE FARM, is the story of Johnny Dickens (Biehn) who went to hell and back fighting for his country, only to return to Texas a broken man, both inside and out. Now Johnny must fight his inner demons in order to save his farm not merely from a greedy corporation but also an inhuman horror which threatens to devour the American heartland.

Laced with dark humor and pulse- pounding action harkening back to the glory days of John Carpenter as well as Grindhouse Films, Xavier Gen’s THE FARM features an impressive genre cast including scream queen Danielle Harris (Hatchet, Halloween), Jennifer Blanc (The Divide, “Party of Five”) as well as other alumni from The Divide including Michael Eklund (Hunt to Kill), Ivan Gonzalez (Rich Kids) and Courtney B. Vance (Extraordinary Measures).

Shooting on THE FARM is to begin in early 2013 in Canada. The other two projects to be developed under the Biehn/Gens partnership are UP AND DOWN and THE PREDICATOR.

Extra Tidbit: Any place in one of those flicks for THE DIVIDE's Lauren German (above)?



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