Michael Biehn warns your face will melt off in new clip from The Divide

Xavier Gens' THE DIVIDE has quite an apt title, as it's been driving a wedge between most critics in the lead up to its release this weekend (The Arrow loved it, Eric not so much). If you're on the fence, perhaps the gruff charm of one Michael Biehn will remedy that below. Watch him scare the piss out of a little girl in a new clip from the post-apocalyptic thriller!

Also featuring Milo Ventimiglia, Lauren German, Rosanna Arquette (below), Michael Eklund, Courtney B. Vance, Ivan Gonzalez, Ashton Holmes, Jennifer Blanc and Abbey Thicks:

In this graphic and violent, post-apocalyptic thriller, nine strangers—all tenants of a New York high-rise apartment—escape a nuclear attack by hiding out in the building's bunker-like basement. Trapped for days underground with no hope for rescue, and only unspeakable horrors awaiting them on the other side of the bunker door, the group begins to descend into madness, each turning on one another with physical and psycho-sexual torment. As supplies dwindle, and tensions flare, they grow increasingly unhinged by their close quarters and hopelessness. Each act against one another becomes more depraved than the next. While everyone in the bunker allows himself or herself to be overcome by desperation and lose their humanity, one survivor holds onto a thin chance for escape, even with no promise of salvation on the outside.

THE DIVIDE opens a limited run this Friday.

Extra Tidbit: Let's not forget how fine Rosanna Arquette is!
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