Michael C. Hall joins Jim Mickle and Boyd Holbrook In the Shadow of the Moon

Cold in July Jim Mickle Michael C. Hall

A few years ago, MULBERRY ST. / STAKE LAND director Jim Mickle and actor Michael C. Hall worked together on a solid and surprising thriller called COLD IN JULY. Now the pair are set to collaborate again, this time on a different thriller - IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON.

Written by Gregory Weidman and Geoff Tock, the film is set to star Boyd Holbrook of Narcos, LOGAN, and the upcoming THE PREDATOR as 

a detective who becomes obsessed with a series of murders that seem beyond explanation.

According to Collider's sources, Hall will be playing "a fellow detective who also happens to be Holbrook’s brother-in-law."

Mickle is producing IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON with Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Rian Cahill of Automatik, Ben Pugh of 42, and Linda Moran of Nightshade. The film will be released through the Netflix streaming service.

Mickle's work on COLD IN JULY is the main reason why I'm interested in this new film, so it's cool that he is bringing the star of that one along with him.

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Source: Collider



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