Michael Fassbender interested in Entering Hades

Michael Fassbender

Broad Green Pictures, Storyscape Entertainment, and Michael Fassbender's production company DMC Film are teaming up on ENTERING HADES, a serial killer film based on author John Leake's 2007 true crime novel Entering Hades: The Double Life of a Serial Killer.

Entering Hades is the true story of Jack Unterweger, a celebrated Austrian journalist and best-selling author who led a double life investigating murders by day and killing by night – amassing a body count of 11 people across multiple continents. 

Believed to have killed more than ten prostitutes over a twenty year period, Unterweger even wrote an autobiography that was turned into the 1988 film PURGATORY. The 2015 Austrian thriller JACK was also based on his life.

Bill Wheeler was the first writer to take on the adaptation of ENTERING HADES. Alexander Dinelaris, who shared an Oscar win for writing the BIRDMAN screenplay, is currently performing a rewrite.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but Fassbender is considering playing the role of Unterweger himself.

Birdman Emma Stone

Emma Stone in BIRDMAN

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