Michael Jackson's estate settles with John Landis over "Thriller"

John Landis' "Thriller" is one of the best music videos ever made. Hell, I’d go as far to call it one of the best horror movies ever made. Landis took Jackson’s ode to horror movies and turned it into a full-fledged mini motion picture. Besides AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, "Thriller" is the only thing that continues to give Landis credence over the title of “Master of Horror.” Now, after years of litigation, the director has finally asserted partial ownership of the “dramatic rights” of THRILLER.

It has been announced the 2009 lawsuit filed by director John Landis and producer George Folsey Jr. over net profits and a proposed musical theater adaptation of the video has finally been settled: "The Estate of Michael Jackson, John Landis and George Folsey Jr. have reached an amicable settlement of the actions that were pending in the Los Angeles Superior Court relating to the legendary short motion picture Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' and the documentary The Making of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller.' The settlement terms are confidential."

What does this mean for horror fans? Well, the potential for future THRILLER intellectual property spearheaded by Landis is certainly there. Also, the video/documentary “Making Michael Jackson’s Thriller” we all rented on VHS in our youth could potentially get the DVD and Blu-ray release it deserves. To top it off, this news gives us all an excuse to rewatch the video (below). After all, no mere mortal can escape the evil of the THRILLER.

Extra Tidbit: The estate also settled up with "Thriller" video star Ola Ray.
Source: THR



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