Michael Pena will take on aliens in Extinction

Michael Peña is always a welcome presence in any film, and when he's in a supporting role he can steal the movie right out from under the star. For his sci-fi thriller EXTINCTION, director Ben Young has wisely chosen to cast Peña in the lead role.

Peña will be playing

a man beset with a recurring dream of losing his family, followed by a brutal alien invasion of Earth. As he fights for his life, he discovers the strength to protect his family.

EXTINCTION has been written by Spenser Cohen, Brad Caleb Kane, and Eric Heisserer, who has been nominated for a Best Adapted Screenplay Academy Award for his work on last year's ARRIVAL, which also dealt with aliens visiting Earth.

Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman of Mandeville are producing EXTINCTION, with Mandeville's Alexander Young serving as executive producer alongside Nathan Kahane and Joe Drake of Good Universe.

Michael Peña fighting aliens? I'm totally on board for that.

Amy Adams in ARRIVAL

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Source: Variety



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