Peter Fonda joins Shannon & Morton for psychological thriller The Harvest

One of the all time greats, Peter Fonda has been added to the cast of THE HARVEST, John McNaughton's psychological thriller starring Michael Shannon and Samantha Morton. Word is Fonda will play the grandfather of the teenage girl who moves in next door to the characters played by Shannon and Morton.

According to Deadline, THE HARVEST centers on Katherine (Morton), a successful heart surgeon and overprotective mother, and Richard (Shannon), her co-dependent husband who has retired from his career as a nurse to care for their sick son Andy. Andy lives in a controlled world until an innocent 13-year-old neighbor moves in and gives Andy hopes of a better life. As the teens grow closer, the tight-knit world Katherine has created begins to unravel.

Good enough for me. And if these caliber of actors liked the script enough to sign on, we should have something pretty special in the works. Charlie Tahan, Natasha Calis, Leslie Lyles, and Meadow Williams have also been cast.

Word is THE HARVEST is set to shoot in Pacific Palisades and Brooklyn as soon as next month.

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Source: Deadline



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