Mickey Sumner joins Scott Derrickson's Snowpiercer pilot

Mickey Sumner

Just a couple days ago, we learned that Jennifer Connelly would be joining Daveed Diggs in Snowpiercer, a TNT television series based on the Bong Joon-ho film of the same title, and that casting announcement has been quickly followed up with the reveal of the show's third cast member. Mickey Sumner has signed on for a lead role in the Snowpiercer pilot, which is being directed by Scott Derrickson (SINISTER, DELIVER US FROM EVILDOCTOR STRANGE).

The Snowpiercer series will be set 

seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, and the remnants of humanity inhabit a gigantic, perpetually moving train that circles the globe. It explores class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival.

Daveed Diggs will be playing a prisoner barely surviving the harsh conditions in the tail end of the train, while Connelly's character is a First Class passenger who works as the Voice of the Train.

Sumner's character is named Bess Till, and she's a thoughtful, empathetic, and savvy brakeman, part of the train's security force. "She finds herself at the center of a mystery that rocks the train’s uneasy status quo."

In addition to directing the pilot, Derrickson will be executive producing the series with Bong Joon-ho, writer/showrunner Josh Friedman, Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements of Tomorrow Studios, Park Chan-wook, Lee Tae-hun, and Dooho Choi.

The daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler, Mickey Sumner has been steadily building her screen acting career over the last decade. She recently completed work on the British horror film CAUGHT.

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