Milla Jovovich in talks for George R.R. Martin's In the Lost Lands

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Milla Jovovich has kicked a lot of ass in the RESIDENT EVIL series of films and I've become quite a fan of the sexy star over the years, so I'm always curious as to what she's working on next. THR is reporting that Jovovich is in final negotiations to lead a new fantasy-adventure project from the creator of "Game of Thrones", and while it's not strictly horror, the description certainly sounds as if it will have plenty of genre elements for fans.

Jovovich is in talks to star in IN THE LOST LANDS, based on short stories by author George R.R. Martin. THR is also sharing that "Shameless" actor Justin Chatwin is also on board the feature, which is to be directed by German director Constantin Werner (THE PAGAN QUEEN), who also wrote the screenplay adaptation. The film will be a Germany-Canada co-production and is planning to begin shooting in Germany in the last quarter of 2015.

IN THE LOST LANDS interconnects three female-centric Martin short stories, according to Myriad:

In one thread, the desperate queen of a city built into a towering mountain hires the sorceress Gray Alys (Jovovich) to travel into the ghostly wasteland called the Lost Lands, to obtain the gift of shape-shifting into a werewolf, but she doesn’t realize that the fulfillment of her wish will come at a terrible price.

Meanwhile, warrior girl Sharra must fight a dragon that serves as the gatekeeper of seven worlds to reunite with her lost lover Kaydar. During this quest she meets the mysterious lord of a deserted castle, Laren Dorr, who seduces her so completely that she forgets her quest and stays with him, unaware that he is the real gatekeeper.  

And in the futuristic tale Bitterblooms, a young barbarian girl gets spellbound by a lonely witch in a spacecraft, who shows her beauty and love, which turns out to be a net of lies and deceit.

Werewolves, witches, and dragons? Sounds like it could be an interesting project with some cool horror elements so we'll keep an eye on this one.

Steve Hoban (SPLICE, GINGER SNAPS), Oliver Luer (VALKYRIE) and Nico Bruinsma (Cult Epics) are producing. Myriad’s Kirk D’Amico will serve as an executive producer on the film.

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