Do you miss "The Walking Dead?" Go behind the scenes of Season 3!

Loyal fans of "The Walking Dead" are surely on pins and needles waiting for season 3 to begin - there's no way they could not be after the climactic events of season 2. (Great finish to the season, those last few episodes were...) While we've got a substantial wait ahead of us for the series' resurrection on AMC - it's scheduled to return in October - we've got a little something to satisfy your hunger in the meantime.

AMC has slapped up a video that goes behind-the-scenes of Season 3, and you can take a look at it yourself below. Obviously, there isn't a helluva lot to see yet; they've only recently commenced production on the first episode, which is being helmed by Ernest Dickerson (a vet of the series). However, it's already looking good, and the castmembers, including Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun, are all talking up an even darker, more ominous set of adventures for our struggling survivors. Hard to believe that things can get even bleaker for this crew, but fans of the comics know it can and will.

And hey, looks like everyone's already bloody! You've got to like that.

Lauren Cohan

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Source: AMC



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