Mobile Horror App Reviews: Alien vs Predator, Undead Slayer, Fighting Fantasy

Welcome to the first installment of Mobile Horror App Reviews where our goal is to bring you the latest release information on horror themed mobile apps! I’ll be reviewing 3 horror apps each month and give you the lowdown on what you should be keeping your eyes out to download to your phones and tablets!  (Note: All games are tested on one or more of the following devices: iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3, iPad2, Nexus 10.)

Game Description: In AVP: Evolution by Angry Mob Games there are two clans of Predators are at war with one another. Entertainingly enough one of the two clans decides to use enslaved Aliens to do their dirty work for them and pit them against the Predators that you’ll be playing.

Actually you’ll be taking turns playing both the Aliens and the predators to try to keep both of your species alive. As much fun as pitting the Aliens vs. the Predators sounds you’ll be spending most of the game playing either side and fighting against space marines, colonists, or androids that they’ve devised as a means to keep themselves safe.

Review:  Honestly the music in this one keeps you going with what are some spectacular visuals on this mobile title and it’s a fun play through. The controls can be a little wonky with some of the moves but overall this is one solid title.  While playing as the aliens you will be using the claws and tails of the Xenomorph and while playing as the Predator the weapons at your disposal will be the famous wrist blades and ranged weapons that we all love to see.

As you take down more enemies you earn points that are used to level up your armor, weapons and some abilities. For those who aren’t feeling up to a full play through of missions in order to level their characters micro transactions are easy to use to purchase these points.

As I mentioned above the sound is great in this title for music but you are going to want to get rid of the sound effects quickly. My major complaint about the game would be the boring and repetitive attack sound effects that will slowly drive you insane as you play through.

While both races evolve during gameplay I have to say that playing on the Alien side just felt more fun to me. You start off playing as a Facehugger and slowly evolve into a larger Alien as the gameplay moves forward. It really gives you more of a feeling of ‘evolving’ the character though gaining experience.

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Game Description:  On a mobile gaming device let me tell you that hack and slash games have just never looked this good. NHN Corporation has published this amazing Android title which was developed by a single person. With 90 levels and countless items it’s just a complete and total blast. With such a high quality game you’d be thinking you’d have a premium price to pay for it though what is truly surprising that such an amazing game is free.

You are going to be playing through as Xiahou Dun as you journey on your quest to slay all of the undead that have infested the region in quest to save his brother.  From straight slashing to special attacks you truly have it all at your disposal. As your general hack n slash game should be your characters and skills will constantly level up as you gain experience.

Review: Hack and slash games are a love them or hate them genre in the gaming community. I for one love them and while they can get repetitive Undead Slayer makes it a point to find ways to prevent that from happening. Also included is of course the mandatory level up method always found in these games where attack, defense and skills all are required to be leveled as your character does.

The control is simple. To attack a horde of enemies tap on them on screen and you'll engage in a battle mode where tapping and swiping the screen will have your hero attacking the enemies. Simple enough but they've also added combo attacks based on what direction you are facing, how often you tap and the timing between taps.

Any good hack and slash these days has other ways to fight in order to draw you in and Undead Slayer is no different. You have a variety of characters pinned to the left side of the screen. Swapping them in mid-battle will trigger a variety of special combos that have their own skill up procedure.

There are of course in-game purchases you can do but they aren't required to enjoy the game. More importantly with 90 levels of gameplay and what seems like endless new items, abilities, and bonus stages you aren't going to feel the need to buy them for quite some time. This could quite possibly be the best hack and slash to come to mobile to date. At the very least it's the best free one to come out to date.

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Tin Man brought back the Fighting Fantasy with their first title ‘Blood of the Zombies’ and this is their follow up to the franchise. For those unfamiliar with Fighting Fantasy their original iteration was in the form of an interactive game book series. They clearly have horror fans around the world in mind as they started with zombies and are now playing in the world of demons that may or may not have something to do with a group of Satanic cultists.

You enter the house due to a storm though quickly realize that a storm would have been the least of your worries against the dangers that lie within. The game has three game modes you can choose from “Hardcore” which is how the game is intended to be played, “Medium” which has a bit more life and finally “Free Read” which allows you to move back and forth without any real worry of dying.

Review: The Fighting Fantasy games are based on book series of the same name from the 80's. While in book form it was simply a choose your own adventure the game form has been slightly adapted for mobile platforms.

A bonus to the game is an atmospheric soundtrack that completely sets the mood for the game. While like any game made in this style after you read through some of the narrative you are going to be given a list of options to choose from to move forward.

Moving forward though is when you are presented with puzzles and a combat. The fighting system itself is a basic roll of the dice system that the numbers that land are how much damage you do. Also working against you overtime is a 'Fear' factor. It's something to keep in mind here because too much Fear earned will literally scare your character to death.

The game itself to truly win is very difficult. You need to gather items from around the house and the house itself is a maze of rooms, each with their own dangers to the character. Even with multiple difficulty levels this is a game that will be loved by anyone who can get into the old school gaming mentality of games being extremely hard. You can 'beat' the game without getting the true ending but to get it will take time, dedication, multiple play throughs, and memorizing a map from hell.

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