Mockingbird Lane clip: Grandpa and Lily arrive in style

As you're well aware by now, NBC passed on making Bryan Fuller's "The Munters" reboot, MOCKINGBIRD LANE, into a series, opting instead to air the pilot as a Halloween special - which has got to be considered better than nothing for Fuller and Co. Today we've got a clip from the fepisode to share, which may give you a peek into what the creators had in mind in terms of tone and style.

As you'll see in the clip, Grandpa Munster (Eddie Izzard) and Lily (Portia de Rossi) arrive to their new home in "style," transforming from bugs and smoke into flesh and blood, er, humans. The effects aren't bad, and the tone can be considered Tim Burton-esque.

MOCKINGBIRD LANE was directed by Bryan Singer and airs on October 26th on NBC. Here's the breakdown:

In "Mockingbird Lane," sweet little Eddie Munster (Mason Cook) is a normal kid about to enter the horrors of puberty. The truth is, he's about to discover that, for him, becoming a teenager means growing hair in truly unexpected places - as in all over his body - every time the moon is full! Eddie's got it pretty good though. His loving, supportive, run-of-the-mill family includes his mom Lily (de Rossi), the daughter of Dracula, his dad Herman (Jerry O'Connell), who brings new meaning to "Frankenstein," and Grandpa (Izzard), who would give Dracula a run for his money if he weren't actually Dracula! Of course, there's creepy cousin Marilyn (Charity Wakefield), who's really the odd one because she's so completely normal.

Portia de Rossi

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