Morbius and Venom 2 might have secured 2020 release dates

Venom Ruben Fleischer

Although Sony hasn't officially announced a sequel to their October release VENOM, I don't think there's any doubt that there's going to be one. While there was controversy over whether or not a Venom movie should be made without including the Spider-Man part of the Marvel Comics character's origin, that didn't have much of an impact on the box office. Made on a budget around $100 million, the movie has earned over $800 million worldwide, putting it high in the ranking among the top comic book movies. For example (without adjusting for inflation), VENOM's current $822 million total is above the numbers reached by most Spider-Man movies, every X-Men movie ever made, every DCEU movie except BATMAN V. SUPERMAN, and would land it at #10 if it were part of the MCU. So yeah, we're going to be getting a VENOM 2 (or whatever they end up calling it), and they already set up the sequel with a mid-credits scene.

The announcement hasn't been made, but we might already know when VENOM 2 will be reaching theatres - and we might also know the date Sony has set aside for another film that will focus on a character from Spider-Man comic books without featuring Spider-Man, MORBIUS: THE LIVING VAMPIRE.

Variety's Justin Kroll was informed that Sony will be releasing a "non-sequel", "Spider-Man character without Spider-Man" film on July 10, 2020. That will be followed by "a sequel" film in that universe on October 2, 2020.

After the success Sony had with VENOM in October, it makes total sense that they would also want to release a sequel to VENOM in October.

There are other options for the "non-sequel" coming out in July, as Sony is developing several projects based on characters from the pages of Spider-Man, characters like Kraven the Hunter, Black Cat, Silver Sable, and Nightwatch, but MORBIUS is the most likely candidate because that film is expected to go into production in a few months with Daniel Espinosa directing and Jared Leto playing the title character. Leto has even already shaved his beard for the part.

I think I'm more hyped for MORBIUS than most fans seem to be, as I collected issues of the character's solo comic book in the '90s and think he has the potential to carry his own movie.

I found the VENOM movie to be underwhelming, but it had its fun points, and I'm on board to watch Venom fight Carnage in a sequel.

We'll keep you updated on these projects, and will let you know if MORBIUS and VENOM 2 are confirmed to be coming out on those 2020 dates.

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