American Horror Story Asylum poster and promo updates (yes, even more)

When I got up this morning, I saw the sunrise, heard birds chirping, and watched as the dawn painted a beautiful pastiche of colors across the sky. That’s when I knew today was going to be an AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM news day. Until this show finally airs, every day the world continues to turn humanity will be relentlessly bombarded by ASYLUM updates. This Wednesday yields us a sexy new poster and some promo videos.

Though we’re probably all getting sick of the non-stop ASYLUM advertising FX is cramming down our throats, I cannot in good conscious complain about a poster whose focus is Chloe Sevigny sprawled out on the floor in lingerie. She really steals the whole show here, doesn’t she? I mean, the whole design is spooky and evocative, but man-- Chloe Sevigny. What a woman.

As for the videos, we’ve got two cast promos and a creepy new clip entitled “Save Us”. The show’s Facebook page describes it as AMERICAN HORROR STORY'S ”version of a hug.” This is just one more reason why I’m not a particularly “huggy” guy (except with Chloe Sevigny, of course). Check the ads out below and tell us whether or not they make you pumped for the October 17th premiere or sick of it all in general.

Extra Tidbit: I hope Adam Levine gets it at the hands of one of those creepy nuns. It'll be fine retribution for all the torment Maroon 5 have inflicted on me over the years.
Source: Facebook



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