More animated Godzilla and Castlevania coming soon to Netflix

Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle

Japan's Toho Studios moves at an incredible speed. In the time it will have taken Warner Bros. and Legendary to put together a sequel to their 2014 GODZILLA film (the Mike Dougherty directed sequel is scheduled to be released on May 31, 2019), Toho will have churned out a live action Godzilla film (SHIN GODZILLA) and an entire Godzilla anime trilogy.

The first chapter in the anime trilogy, GODZILLA: PLANET OF THE MONSTERS, is available for viewing on the Netflix streaming service, and while the trilogy capper will be reaching theatre screens in Japan later this year, Netflix has announced that the middle chapter, GODZILLA: CITY ON THE EDGE OF BATTLE, will be reaching their service on July 18th. 

Made in association with Polygon Pictures and directed by Koubun Shizuno and Hiroyuki Seshita from a screenplay by Gen Urobuchi, CITY ON THE EDGE OF BATTLE is an 

epic re-imagining of the Godzilla world in a futuristic setting pits humans and robots against the biggest Godzilla ever seen in an interplanetary struggle for survival.

Another animated genre project coming soon to Netflix is a second season of their well received, video game inspired series Castlevania, directed by Sam Deats and written/executive produced by Warren Ellis. Castlevania is a

dark medieval fantasy following the last surviving member of the disgraced Belmont clan, trying to save Eastern Europe from extinction at the hand of Vlad Dracula Tepes himself. Trevor Belmont, last survivor of his house, is no longer alone, and he and his misfit comrades race to find a way to save humanity from extinction at the hands of the grief-maddened Dracula and his sinister vampire war council.

The new batch of Castelvania episodes will be released on Netflix on October 26th.

If you like animated creatures, these are a couple cool projects to check out.

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