More details on Boom! Studios' Big Trouble in Little China comic book series

Last week we got our very first badass teaser for the upcoming comic book sequel to John Carpenter's BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA where we will see Kurt Russell’s Jack Burton make his long awaited return to kick some ass! We now have some additional details on the comic to throw your way along with some cover art, so read on for all the goods!

The comic will be written by THE GOON's Eric Powell who apparently already has eight issues planned—not bad, not bad at all! With art by Brian Churilla, the series is set to pick up right where the film left off, still set in the world of Carpenter's classic. CBR recently caught up with Powell who spilled plenty of details on the project.

Jack won't be the only one we see make a return in the comic as Powell says, "Egg plays a major role. So does a character from the film that I think will surprise some people. We've also have a few new characters who pop up and aren't happy with ol' Jack."

But perhaps the best news of it all came when Powell said, "I don't get star struck by people for the most part — but 'Escape From New York,' 'The Thing,' 'Halloween,' 'Starman' and so on — he made some of my favorite movies that I grew up on. It was really awesome getting to discuss the book and characters with him in that first meeting. To say we were on the same page with what the book should be would be an understatement." It's always great to see when the original creator is completely on board with a project like this. It just makes it that much better!

BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA #1 will hit shelves on June 4th, below is a look some cover art!

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to this comic book series?
Source: CBR



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