More goods from "American Horror Story" Season 2: Trailer #12 & behind the scenes stills!

That's right folks. Today we have yet another teaser trailer for "American Horror Story's" second season. Surprised? You really shouldn't be at this point. Hell I'm going to be surprised when these things stop churning out!

But that's not all we've got for you kids today. We were also able to track down a load of behind the scenes shots from Season 2 featuring a ton of cast members including Sarah Paulson, Zachary Quinto and Chloe Sevigny. To get a look at those you can scroll away above and below.

As for that teaser trailer, it's the 12th in the set and has been titled "Stitches." Now considering all we get in this new teaser is some creepy sewing machine I'd say 'Stitches' is pretty fitting. Wouldn't you? Go ahead and tap that shite below or over in our videos section.

"American Horror Story" stars Jessica Lange, James Cromwell, Adam Levine, Jenna Dewan, Blake Sheldon, Chris Zylka, Joseph Fiennes, Chloe Sevigny, Clea Duvall, Mark Consuelos, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, James J. Collins and Zachary Quinto. It's set to return to FX with Season 2 on October 17th.

"American Horror Story" (2012) - Season 2 Teaser Trailer #12 "Stitches"

Extra Tidbit: Jenna Dewan (above) is actually married to Channing Tatum.
Source: FX



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