More images from Ash vs Evil Dead show off Bruce and the chainsaw!


Lucky screwheads that they are, EW is still swimming in sweet Ash vs Evil Dead goodness. Last week they brought us both our first look at Bruce Campbell as Ash as well as a peek inside the necronomicon, and now they're dishing out even more of The Chin! (Who was kind enough to share an all-too-brief look at Ash's iconic Oldsmobile Delta yesterday.)

Below you'll see Mr. Campbell in a typically frenzied state, waving his chainsaw hand around like the hapless madman he is. Additionally, you  get another look at one of his new sidekicks, Pablo, played by Ray Santiago. You'll notice Pablo is a little more shook up than his older (wiser?) companion.

Later this week we'll get the full Ash vs Evil Dead trailer in conjunction with its premiere at San Diego Comic-Con. We'll be there in full force so you can expect write-ups pronto. Do I really even have to say "groovy"?


Extra Tidbit: Are you liking these new looks at Ash and friends?
Source: EW



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